Daring Heart


As a young boy, Lisardo Sanchez saw his father die and was unable to prevent his younger brothers from being cruelly taken away from him. Now, he returns determined to take revenge on the man who destroyed his family and took away everything he loved. With a new identity, he reunites his brothers and, at their father's grave, they vow to take revenge by paying back that evil man in the same way: by destroying what matters most to him, they will take away what he loves the most. The story begins when Jesús Guerrero and his brothers come into the life of powerful Augusto Ruiz Montalvo, with the secret mission of making him pay for all the harm he caused them and to recover what he stole from them. To achieve their goal, the Guerrero brothers slowly gain the trust of their enemy until they infiltrate his inner circle: his family. Soon they discover what Augusto loves most: his daughters. They will vent their vengeful fury on them. Suspicion and rivalry grow between Jesús and Augusto; the first, in search of revenge; the second, willing to protect his family no matter what. Determined to honor the oath he swore before his father's grave, Pedro will try to suppress his feelings for Mariluz, but the power of true love will be stronger than his grudge, so his Warrior Heart will be torn between love and revenge.



120 x 60'


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