Dare To Dream


Patito (“Little Duck”) and Ana, her mother, lead a quiet, peaceful life in the picturesque Mexican town of Patzcuaro, far from the hectic, troubled and dangerous atmosphere of the big city. And also, far away from Rodrigo, Ana’s one and only love, who never knew that she had given birth to his daughter, and is sure that Ana has forgotten him. The center of Ana’s life is her daughter, and it is because of Patito’s health that she decides to return to Mexico City. At the children’s hospital, Patito’s doctor turns out to be Rodrigo and, never suspecting that they are father and child, there is an immediate rapport between them.

When Ana and Rodrigo come face to face, they both realize that they still love each other, but they keep it to themselves, and the misunderstandings of the past continue to keep them apart. Besides, Rodrigo’s fiancée, Bianca, is not about to let the successful pediatrician’s fortune to slip out of her grasping hands.

Ana finds a job in a private school, where she can secure a place to live and a scholarship for her daughter. Patito’s gentle nature helps her make new friends, but she also faces—for the first time in her life—prejudice and discrimination. Antonella, Bianca’s shallow and vain daughter, is the leader of a clique just like herself that they call “the Divines,” and she declare herself to be Patito’s sworn enemy and then her best friend, only to turn against her again, back and forth throughout the school year; especially when young Mateo steps into the picture.

Patito becomes part of a group called “the Popular Girls” and the battle between the two groups becomes outright war when the school administration decides to take part in the Inter-school Musical Competition. Antonella is sure that her group will represent the school in the competition, but Rodrigo helps Patito get over her fear of singing in public and “The Popular Girls” win the right to compete for the school. While Patito fights her own battles at school, Ana has to deal with Bianca’s intrigue and threats, until finally she takes heart and tells Rodrigo the truth. The physician is elated to know that Patito is his daughter, but he is hurt because Ana did not share their child’s first years with him. And although their love is still strong, pride does not allow them to be happy.

However, Patito knows that love can overcome every obstacle, and the day will come when her parents will be happy... and Mateo will realize she exists. Meanwhile, she trusts that little voice in her heart that tells her to “Dare to Dream.”



262 x 60'


Executive Producer: Luis de Llano Macedo - Associate Producers: Marco Flavio Cruz, Antonino Munguia Gaspe - Director: Rodrigo G.H. Zaunbos - Year: 2009

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