José montaño is a lawyer who is preparing to become a special undercover agent. an impeccable and honest man, flawless professional, perfect husband and great parent will suffer an entire transformation until he turns into a mobster. he joins in to lead the “chameleon operation”, an ambitious recruiting program for law teachers who, after receiving training, will become part of a reliable squad capable of infiltrating the criminal groups without succumbing to the temptation of corruption and creat e the files needed to end with the organization. at first, he will have this identity to perform his job and do anything in his power in order to become another member of the drug trafficking gang under the alias of “dandy bracho”.
although he experiences a huge clash when he contacts the criminal world for the first time, soon he discovers that not only does he have perfect qualities to become a leader (such as his outstanding memory), but he also has an undiscovered passion for adrenaline that drives him to enjoy the permanent feeling of danger with which he starts living, to the point of getting a double personality which he refuses to quit, losing his wife and kids little by little.
in this facet, he will develop a strong sympathy for “el chueco”, a second class criminal whom he tricks in order to join the gang, and who reveals himself as the most upright, loyal person and biggest loser in the criminal profession.
“el chueco” immediately grows fond of “the dandy”, who is like the son he never had, and he will be the one who helps him climb in the organization, but most of all, who will teach him the real value of friendship and the strong pain of betrayal.



70 x 60'



Executive Producer: Chava Cartas, Mauricio Cruz - Original: Paul Attanasio - Year: 2016

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