Spoiled Kids


Spoiled Kids is the story of the Mastery School, a different kind of learning center where students are registered—against their will—by desperate parents who believe that a “normal” school isn’t equipped to cope with them. These are kids with serious behavioral problems which the school guarantees to straighten out and set on the right path. Victoria Mujica, the headmistress, is a tough, unyielding woman whose rules are strict but always fair. Her aim is to transform these “little stray sheep” into future men and women of substance. But the real headache for the alumni is Ms. Mujica’s right hand, Rita, a relentless disciplinarian who doesn’t let anything get by her.

The main characters, small children as well as teenagers, cross the threshold of this institution with a burning desire to get out of there as soon as possible. To their dismay, they soon learn that getting expelled is quite impossible because—to the administration—that would mean admitting defeat. So their only two choices are: either cook up a brilliant plan to escape or become good kids.

The story begins with the arrival of Luna, whose friend Toto helps her get a job on the school’s cleaning staff. Luna is a young woman who must pay the price of changing her life and some of her values to achieve her greatest desire, which is finding her younger sister. They were separated years before, when they were both adopted by different families.  But Luna will not be alone in her quest.  Unaware that her three best friends (Ivo, Ulises and Paul) have managed to get expelled from the school they attended only to enroll in the Mastery School to help her with her search. The four have always been inseparable and they would like to continue with the music band they had formed. When they get together again, they must face an enormous challenge: dealing with the school’s strict discipline and keeping music as a part of their lives.

In this place, Luna will make new friends, but also some enemies, while she tries different ways of getting close to her sister Miranda, who was adopted by the headmistress and is unaware of her true origin. Also, even though romantic relationships are against the rules, Luna cannot help falling in love with Alejo, a gym teacher who is also here under an assumed name, and for reasons he cannot reveal. Alejo is actually Victoria’s son, and he has come to meet his mother, who, he believes, abandoned him as a baby.

The youngest pupils are the ones who will have the coolest adventures. Their mischief and crazy escape plans will bring them to everyone’s attention. Spending the rest of their school years in this dreary place terrifies them, and they are willing to risk everything to be free. They are divided into two well defined groups. One of them is headed by Geronimo (Benja, Bautista, Candy and Pilar), and the other by Tupac (Augusto, Nico and Rodrigo). Geronimo and his little gang are brave and very creative in their plans. Tupac and his friends, on the other hand, are more fearful, and they try to achieve their goals by ruining the other group’s projects.

The teenagers though, are equally rebellious, but their plans include romance. They usually follow the lead of Valentina, who actually asked her father to enroll her in this school. She didn’t want to continue living at home, determined to put some distance between her and her hated step-brother who, by a strange twist of fate, happens to be Ivo, one of Luna’s friends. When she comes face to face with him in this school, she realizes that the reason for her hostility toward him and her desire to leave home is that she is secretly in love with him.

Miranda, Luna’s sister, has two best friends who go along with all her schemes, Julieta and Serena, and her boyfriend is Juanse. But Miranda will start to have inexplicable new feelings for Toto, the young man in charge of the school stables, who is beneath her socially and, at first, she treats with disdain.

Finally, there is Victoria, the headmistress. She is a very strict, cold woman who keeps a secret and a terrible pain in her heart. Her life will change with the arrival of Luna, who will introduce her to Guillermo Guzman, a man from a poor neighborhood. The two will have an exciting but strange relationship.

Spoiled Kids tells the stories of all the children who come together in this very special school; their loves, their adventures, their good times and their moments of sadness as they try their best to cope with an atmosphere that sometimes becomes unbearable. They will have many difficult, painful experiences, but there will also be laughter, excitement and fun.



150 x 60'


Original idea by: Tinelli, Schajris, Citterio - Writers; Marcela Citterio (Chapter 01 to 35). Adriana Lorenzón (Chapter 35 onwards) -Year: 2009

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