The telenovela begins with the arrival of Helena to the World School as a permanent teacher. Helena arrives with her youth, the desire to teach and the disposition to provide the students with a good education. She is the first and only one to win over the entire third grade students, challenging head-on the rules and demands of the imperative and stringent school’s Principal, Mrs. Olívia. Helena is always willing to collaborate with everybody, not only earning her students trust, but also getting involved with their personal and family issues. She soon becomes, not only a teacher, but also a great friend and advisor. Helena also finds a faithful friend in old Firmino, the school’s keeper. They both act as mediators for the problems caused by the demanding Olívia, who does not agree with the excessive tolerance that the teacher shows regarding the students. Firmino knows all the students and workers of the school and knows how to treat each one of them, even Doña Matilde, the exaggerated music teacher, who is always suffering with the children’s pranks and is always stressed.


When Helena gets sick, teacher Suzana comes to replace her and also wins the student’s hearts; Suzana wants to take Helena’s place. Matilde, the music teacher, goes crazy and leaves the school. Rene, who creates a band with the third grade students and has an affair with Helena, replaces her.

Carousel describes the children’s day to day, addressing real and current conflicts: the boy who didn’t do his homework, the girl who has difficulty socializing in class, the fragile boy being bullied by the most evil kid on recess and all kinds of bullying suffered at the school and during childhood.

The conflicts in the telenovela are developed in the children’s daily school routine much as in their own family core. The relationship between colleagues, teachers and parents, is represented from the children’s point of view, approaching the inner conflicts they live such as: fears, guilt, prejudgments, sadness and insecurities.

Values such as friendship, equality and respect for others are emphasized along the story, allowing children and adults to reflect on society’s current and important issues.

With easy access to computers and technology, the students of the World School live the advantages and disadvantages of the abuse of all this paraphernalia from the digital era.   

Living in parallel universes, those children find balance in World School, where each of them can achieve their own potential comprehensively, despite life’s adversities.

Everybody can attend the World School. Boys and girls from different races, beliefs and social status are placed in the same classroom. Teacher Helena preaches union and equality, but all students are treated individually, depending on their own aptitudes, personality and the specific needs each one has.



252 x 60'


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