Alejandro is a handsome and successful entrepreneur; he lives with his family in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur. He grew up next to Vanessa, his sister, and Eduardo, his stepbrother, who has always been his rival.  

Eduardo is Lucía's son, she is the wife of Alejandro's father. He is bitter and jealous with unlimited ambition and never cares enough to achieve what he sets his mind to. 

Alejandro heads Grupo Alva, a family company that includes tourism, financial services, and construction and fishing companies.  

Eduardo makes a plan to take over the company, in which he pretends to be Alejandro; using that name, he makes Sofia fall in love with him and hides from her his wealthy background. Sofia is honest and simple. She lives with her sister Rebeca, who longs to overcome poverty; and with Poncho, her father, an alcoholic who is a car parts thief.  

Through deceit, Eduardo lures Sofia and marries her. Eduardo plots an attempt on Alejandro's life to be carried out on the day of the wedding, so that Sofia will be "widowed" and he can take control of all the companies.  

Eduardo tells Sofia that he used her to keep all the fortune and now she, as Alejandro's "widow", will inherit everything and both will have the life they always dreamed of. To achieve his purpose, Eduardo blackmails Sofia and demands her to do everything he asks of her, or else he will put Poncho in jail, as the evidence of Alejandro's assassination seem to incriminate Sofia's father. 

To everyone's surprise, Alejandro survives the attack. Eduardo pushes Sofia to make Alejandro believe that they got married but he has forgotten because of the memory loss he suffers due to the accident. 

Aiming to discover the truth, Alejandro keeps his "marriage" with Sofia, not imagining that he will end up getting hooked up with this kind-hearted woman. Sofia, on the other hand, starts to reciprocate as she gets to know him. Eduardo is furious when he realizes this, for he is not willing to lose Sofia. 

Cabo is a story unfolding in Los Cabos, where love is a force that is as powerful as the ocean, and as merciless as the desert; here, Alejandro and Eduardo confront each other for Grupo Alva, but nothing compares to what they are willing to do for Sofia's love. 



77 x 60'


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