Burning Fire is a story of love and unbridled passions, in which, when love is true, it is capable of going against all odds, as long as it remains alive.


Dante and Irene Ferrer are siblings and have a mansion dedicated to the production and exportation of olive oil in the State of Sonora, Mexico. The Ferrer family's oil production is one of the country's most important and popular.


Knowing that he will soon die, Dante Ferrer decides to gather the whole family, as he discovers he has a terminal illness and feels the urge to put his affairs in order and share with his family the time he has left to live. He decides to bring the Ferrer family together with the excuse of launching a new line of olive oil with "Mexican Flavors".


When the Ferrers meet, passions run wild, especially when Alexa and Gabriel meet and become involved in a forbidden love affair, but they also discover that behind the family business of olive oil production lies the illegal activity of counterfeiting banknotes.


Alexa is married to Joaquín Ferrer and Gabriel is married to Martina Ferrer. They are both Irene's nephews. Joaquin is the head of the illegal business and Gabriel is actually searching for his missing brother and believes that the Ferrers are behind it all.



85 x 60'


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