Valiant Love


Camila and Daniel meet under adverse circumstances, but for true love, nothing is impossible, so in spite of the mistrust, grudge and revenge desire, they manage to defeat all these obstacles… because when the heart rules, there sprangs a “Valiant Love”

Luis, Camila’s fiancée, dies in an accident few days before their wedding and she falls into a terrible depression. Simultaneously, in Chile, Daniel marries Miriam, who he deeply loves. Camila refugees into her uncle’s fighting bull ranch “La Malquerida”, where she performs her profession as a veterinarian. After a while, Daniel is expecting his first son and Camila gets married with Alonso, the ranch’s administrator.

Don Daniel, Camila’s uncle, discovers he may have an illegitimate son, and at the same time, he finds out that Alonso is not the ethical man he thought him to be. He decides then to leave his inheritance to his “son” (Daniel) in order to protect Camila from Alonso, but he dies without having the opportunity to reveal her the reasons for his decision.

Daniel learns that a man in Mexico has named him the heir to practically all his goods. He decides to travel to that country in order to receive such inheritance, but he walks into an ambush and is sent to jail. During his reclusion, he assumes that the Monterde’s family, who were expecting to be the heirs, could have set the trap up.

Daniel escapes from prison and, undercovered, arrives in Mexico in order to find the truth. He believes Camila could be the one who caused his misfortune. Despite this, he falls deeply in love with her. Camila, on the other hand, is disappointed of her husband and her marriage, not only because Alonso is impotent, but also because he is abusive and violent.

Daniel changes his identity, calling himself “Andrés”, and he starts working as an employee in “La Malquerida”, which in fact belongs to him. There, he discovers that it was Alonso, his mother Isadora, and Dionisio the ones who tried to get rid of him because they had a personal and financial interest in those lands. 

Daniel and Camila have fallen in love in spite of the circumstances around them, but the past becomes present and they will have to fight against the restless obstacles that surround their love: hatred, envy and excessive ambition. 



162 x 60'



Original Story by: María Zarattini - Adapted by: Martha Carrillo and Cristina García - Literary Editor: Mauricio Aridjis - Producer: Carlos Moreno Laguillo - Year: 2012

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