Love Rules


Jesus is a really nice guy; he is always smiling, caring and looking at the bright side of life. He works as a pizza delivery guy, and at a restaurant´s kitchen, too. He also studies administration at night. He arrived in Chicago 7 years ago when he left his hometown, Monterrey, after ending a tormenting relationship with Veronica, who suffocated him with her obsessive order. When they broke up, he decided to change of environment and left the city, chasing the American dream.

Through a social network, he finds out that Veronica has a 7 year old daughter called Valentina. Immediately, Jesus realizes that lovely girl could be his daughter, and bringing his past back to life, he decides to call his ex girlfriend and discover the truth. Verónica admits Valentina is his daughter but tells him that she does not need him in her life since she is married to a wonderful man; but Jesus is eager to meet his daughter, so he decides to get back. 

Since he has no money saved, he turns to Ury, a Russian immigrant and regular customer at the Pizza restaurant. He helps him by buying the plane ticket for him, but in return, he asks him to bring a suitcase full of clothes for an asylum. Jesus accepts right away, happy to have the chance of meeting his little daughter; however, he ignores that the suitcase has a hidden compartment with thousands of dollars in it. Ury calls Rogelio Rivadeneira, owner and chairman to a successful company, and informs him that his money is on its way. Rogelio is an arrogant and successful man for whom the most important thing in life is he. Not even Alma, his beautiful girlfriend, comes first in his heart. 

When arriving at the airport, Jesus is arrested for money laundering and is presented before the authority. Without any other choice to be saved, he declares everything he knows. This way, Ury is arrested in Chicago, and Jesus is freed under custody.

When Rogelio learns he has lost nearly a million dollars, he swears to take revenge from he who has spoiled his business.

With his life completely destroyed, out of money, jobless and holding now a penal background, Jesus must start over. He shows up at Veronica´s and he can finally hold Valentina in his arms, but Veronica demands him to have a job and a place to live in order to let him see his daughter again.

When Alma, Rogelio´s beautiful and talented girlfriend, discovers Rogelio´s brother, Fernando, having an affair with one of the company´s secretaries, she decides angrily to get a secretary with whom Fernando cannot fool around, and plans to hire the ugliest one there is. However, it is destiny that brings Jesus to apply for a job there. When Alma and Jesus meet... something happens between them...their looks, their hearts, that something that only happens when love rules.

Jesus is looking for a job in the accounting department, and Alma is looking for a secretary, but none of them clarifies that and Alma thinks it is not a bad idea to have an efficient male secretary instead of a sexy woman. Ignoring the penal background he holds, she decides to hire Jesus without letting him know the position for which he is being hired.

Jesus finds a place to live at a tenement house, downtown. There, he meets his neighbor, Chatita, a sophisticated woman who is in the first phase of Alzheimer, but happens to be absolutely adorable. That woman is like a mother to him.

When Jesus is told that he will be the company´s secretary, he rejects the job, arguing that he is more than just a secretary and leaves the company angrily. Chatita reminds him that if he wants to see his daughter, he is to accept the job. This way, Jesus goes back to the company, ready to become the best of secretaries; however, he ignores that the company´s owner is also the owner of the suitcase and the money he was taken off at the airport. On top of that, Fernando, who is also going to be his boss, has decided to make his life miserable in order to make him quit and have Jessica back.

A story full of misunderstandings, romance, comedy and melodrama; which shows the daily struggle of common people trying to survive their financial shortcomings and injustice in life. A story with endearing characters that highlights the fundamental values of life and proves that nothing is impossible when… love rules.     



182 x 60'



Producer: Juan Osorio - Original Story by: Jörg Hiller, Claudia Sánchez, Catalina Coy - Adaptation: Alejandro Pholenz, Marcia del Río, Ricardo Tejeda - Year: 2012

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