Don't Mess With An Angel


Marichuy lives in a tenement house in Mexico City downtown with Candelaria whom is not part of her family but that sheltered her when she found her, some time before, wandering in the streets. Marichuy is a girl hardly educated, but with a big heart. She grew up in an orphanage and one day, she escaped from it and was wandering till Candelaria found her. Everybody loves her in the tenement house and she's happy telling stories to the children that live there. She works doing everything she can, but her most steady job is making the cleaning in Vicente's apartment, a bohemian painter whom she calls a nobody. Very often and taking care that nobody sees her, Marichuy steals roses to Casilda, a neighbor, to put them in Virgin of Guadalupe's altar at father Anselmo's church that is in the same neighborhood. Casilda, who has always felt grudge against Marichuy, accuses her telling everybody that they mustn't mess with the angel. Marichuy finds out that the children of the orphanage where she grew up need milk and goes to steal it from the neighbors to relieve their hunger a little. Casilda, Chona and several neighbors accused her at the police station and she's arrested. 



194 x 60'


Year: 2008

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