Attraction x 4


Attractionx4 tells the story of two very different families from opposite social classes whose life is brought together by a famous song. United by destiny, they will share adventures, romances and struggles. 

Twenty years ago, Hamlet Lacalle wrote a beautiful song for a woman who did not return his love: Leticia. Today, that song is one of the most recognized musical hits in the world. But the credit is attributed to Gonzalo Milhojas, who stole from Hamlet both his most precious treasures: the song that now is a famous hit and made him a millionaire, and his true love, Leticia, whom he married.

Since that day, Hamlet’s life has been filled with bad luck and bad jobs. But he remains an irremediable good-hearted guy and a permanent widower whose main priority is to take care of his beloved three daughters, Nina, Paula, and Malena. Together, they earn a living playing with their band "The Tropical Patota” at parties and events. 

Meanwhile, Hamlet’s false friend Gonzalo has become an important record producer.

His three sons, Francisco, Pablo and Keto, have been raised surrounded by luxury and now live a great life without a sense of responsibility at Leticia’s beautiful mansion. 

But Hamlet will keep trying to get back what by right belongs to him. He will confront Gonzalo, who in turn will defend his right to own what he stole.

Meanwhile, the fate of Hamlet’s daughters and Leticia’s stepsons will come together, and they will share adventures and romances, while at the same time they will try to adapt to each other’s different lifestyles and personalities. The girls are humble and nice, and the guys like to show off and to feel superior. This clash will result into three romances as different as their personalities: Nina and Francisco, Paula and Pablo, and Malena and Keto. And despite being so different, they will share a common destiny. 

A year goes by and Hamlet Lacalle is finally able to demonstrate that his famous song is truly his, and Leticia has fallen, at last, in love with him. It is also revealed that Gonzalo stole Hamlet’s song but he runs away with the money that is left. So Hamlet and Leticia decide to open up “Dream Beach”, a bed & beach & breakfast at the mansion. But Gonzalo can still manipulate Leticia because he is the only one that knows that she is Francisco’s real mother.

"Dream Beach" is the place where new friendships blossom and a new life for the Lacalle sisters and the Milhojas brothers flourish. But it also becomes the catalyst for unexpected changes. 

The relationship between Pablo and Paula ends, and Pablo’s life takes an unexpected turn when Aldana, and old girlfriend, reappears with her small daughter. On the other hand, Paula is resentful of Nina and decides to conquer Francisco’s heart while ignoring the love of Kevin, the windsurfing instructor at “Dream Beach”. Nina discovers Paula’s true intentions and tries to unravel her true feelings when



100 x 60'



Director: Jorge Montero - General Production: Marcelo Tinelli - Producer: Ideas del Sur Producciones - Authors: Mario Segade, Gustavo Belati - Year: 2008

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