Ask God For Forgiveness… Not Me


Renata is a beautiful young woman who was raised with roughness by her father, Don Bruno, as he always wanted to have a son. He treats her unkindly and won´t allow her to get involved with any man. In the midst of her solitude, Renata falls deeply in love with Pablo, a workman from the hacienda of whom she gets pregnant. To whitewash her sin, Don Bruno sends her away together with Macaria, an ambitious woman that is madly in love with Fausto, owner of another hacienda near Don Bruno’s. Fausto is deep in debt, so he lays his eyes on Renata as he believes that marrying her and taking over her family´s fortune will solve all his financial problems, but Renata is not in love with him and she rejects him, confessing him that she is pregnant with a workman’s child whom she loves deeply. Fausto finds out who his rival is and kills him.

The time has come and Renata gives birth to a girl (Abigail). Don Bruno gives some money to Macaria to register the baby under her name and take care of her as if she were her real mother. Renata is forced, under threat, to give her daughter away and accept her father’s conditions: in front of everyone’s eyes, she will only be Abigail’s godmother.

Under Fausto’s promise of helping her recover her daughter, Renata accepts to be his wife. On the very same day of their wedding, Don Bruno dies leaving Fausto as the executor of all his properties. Thanks to Macaria, Renata finds out her husband was Pablo’s murderer and she decides to confront him, but Fausto causes an accident in which she goes blind.

Time goes by and Abigail becomes a beautiful young woman; Renata, in her blindness, doesn´t notice that Fausto sees Abigail with lust and has begun to obsess with her.

Meanwhile, Abigail has fallen deeply in love with Mateo, Fausto’s nephew, who returns from abroad turned into a physician. But the young guy doesn’t correspond to that love since he goes crazy about Diana and ends up marrying her, ignoring she is also Fausto’s lover.                                                               

Abigail goes through huge pain after learning Mateo got married and tries, without any success, to rebuild her life next to Diego and forget the man who broke her heart.

Meanwhile, Doctor Duarte, Mateo’s teacher, has fallen in love with Renata who believes love has grown again inside her. That is why she accepts having an operation to recover sight which turns out successful, but Renata lies about it and decides to keep it as a secret just to unmask Fausto this way.

Based on lies, Fausto manages to make Abigail believe he is her father and pins her down to become aloof with Renata, but he attempts to rape her one day revealing his true intentions this way. Same thing happens when Mateo catches Diana in bed with Fausto, confirming they were always lovers. Now, Mateo is determined to get divorced and fight for Abigail as he acknowledges she is the woman he has been waiting for.  

The love between Abigail and Mateo is pure and strong, but Fausto´s obsession and his hunger for revenge will put their relationship at risk as he is not willing to lose her and will use his most despicable maneuvers to achieve his purpose.

Both youngsters will have to endure hell to get to live completely their love.



123 x 60'



Executive Producer: Angelli Nesma M. - Original: José Caridad, Bravo Adams - Free Version: Juan Carlos Alcalá - Adaptation: Rosa Salazar, Fermín Zúñiga and Jorge Cervantes - Year: 2015

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