Animated Chavo


Chavo is a sweet, lovable boy who has delighted millions of viewers with his outrageous antics, his charming innocence, and a generous helping of misunderstanding that leads to the most hilarious situations.

Chavo is an eight-year-old who practically lives inside a barrel in the courtyard of a community filled with loony but memorable characters. He lives innumerable adventures while playing in the patio with the cheerful group of kids that also live in the complex. Important part of their lives are the grownups who are the usual targets of their continuous pranks and mischievous behavior.

The animated series is based on the Top Comedy Show in the history of Spanish speaking television. For over three generations, the original series of Chavo has charmed Spanish-speaking audiences the world over with its wildly zany appeal.

A Mexican television landmark still on syndication to this very day all over Latin America, (including Brazil), Spain and the United States, the series is a winning formula of slapstick comedy and social commentary that is reminiscent of The Little Rascals.



(I) 26 x 30´ (II) 26 x 30´ (III) 26 x 30´ (IV) 22 x 30´ (V) 13 x 30´ (VI) 15 x 30´ (VII) 7 x 30´



Original Format: Roberto Gómez Bolaños - Year: 2014

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