And Now... What?


Most people believe that celebrities have the best of everything: money, fame, women, travel, and luxuries. However, what many do not realize is that being the center of attention anywhere you go isn’t always a good thing, and, at times, can even be a real headache.

And Now…What? is a sitcom based on real facts and real people, which offers a humorous glimpse into the everyday life of popular Mexican comedian and TV host Adal Ramones. Each episode shows us scenes from the real life of Adal Ramones - a regular married guy and father of a girl- and follows his adventures and interactions with his wife Gaby and daughter Paola; with his friend and writer Gerard, who is never able to meet a deadline; with Natalia, his agent, and who’s sole purpose is to become the most popular PR agent in the city; and with his foolish psychologist who instead of helping gets him even more confused.

And Now…What? is a hilarious sitcom that gives the audience an idea of how incredibly complicated and hectic the life of a celebrity can be.



13 x 30'



Producer: Adal Ramones, Eduardo Suárez - Stage Directors: Luis Eduardo Reyes - Original Idea By Adalberto Javier Ramones Martinez, Gerard Antonio Jalife, Luis Antonio Bautista Jacobo, Maria del mar Oliver Coindreau - Year: 2007

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