All Inclusive


It is a TV show in which several confusions and misunderstandings will happen to the general manager, the public relations manager, the bell boy, the waitress, the spa´s stylists, the maintenance chief, the cleaning staff and the guests at the Boutique hotel.

Adrian Uribe will star the show along with his most popular characters, which will be involved with the Boutique Hotel´s employees and guests. The wisecracks of Vitor, Carmelo and Serapio will be the day-to-day issue in All Inclusive. In the show will also participate: Lucila Mariscal, César Bono, Raquel Garza, Lalo España, Gaby Platas, Isabel Madow and Luis Orozco. 

Each episode of All Inclusive will have special guests who will act in a sit comedy.



18 x 30'



Stage Director Manuel R. Ajenjo, Camera Director Claudio Lara


Original Idea By Adrián Uribe Guillermo del Bosque - Writer: Mauricio Jalife, Juan Carlos Castellanos


Executive Producer Guillermo del Bosque, Associate Producer César González, Rosa Ma. Noguerón - Year: 2013

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