An innocent young woman committed to caring for her ailing father finds herself helpless after he dies.  
Lucia faces reality in an unknown world, becoming a victim of abuse as a result of her stunning beauty. Her manipulative stepmother and her aunt also use her to become rich at her expense. Powerful men will lust after her to the point of obsession and the people she thinks she counts on will only care for her to fulfill their ambitions. 
Upon discovering the betrayal of the man she loved and after the loss of the daughter who was taken from her at birth, the humble and innocent LucĂ­a transforms into a woman who vows never to love again, rebuilding her life with only one purpose in mind, to exploit her beauty as a means to take revenge on all the men who hurt her.  
Tired of being abused and betrayed by those she has loved, she resolves to turn herself into a tough, cold and bold woman who won't allow anyone to use her ever again. 
Facing this fate of misfortune and betrayal will make her a stronger and empowered woman, determined to do justice. But behind her relentless actions lies a wounded soul that will only heal through genuine love. 



45 x 60'


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