A Shelter for Love


Luciana is a beautiful and joyful young girl who, after her mother’s death, escapes from the sexual harassment of Don Aquiles, the tyrant in the town she grew up, and arrives in Mexico City. In order to survive, she has to take a job in “La Burbuja”, a bar with very bad reputation. One night, one of the customers tries to go too far with her, but she defends herself and scratches him on the face; a commotion is started and they end up in the police station. Luciana is accused of hurting a customer and when everything seems lost for her, Claudio, her attorney, rescues her. She sympathizes with him immediately and he offers her his unconditional help. 

After this event, Luciana gets a job as a maid in the Torreslanda’s home, she also helps to take care of Patricio, one of their kids who suffered an accident and became quadriplegic. She immediately gets along with him and Jana, his sister; Patricio recovers his desire to live thanks to Luciana and she becomes his best friend and confidant.

There, she meets Rodrigo, the oldest son of the family, and she is impressed when she realizes that he is the same young guy that defended her during the commotion at the bar. Rodrigo is a handsome guy who holds a reputation as a lady-killer, but he is currently engaged with Gala, a beautiful and rich girl who is also a successful executive. A strong attraction grows between Rodrigo and Luciana, which little by little becomes a deep love; Rodrigo decides to end his engagement with Gala to secretly marry Luciana and together face anyone who is against; they both give themselves away in love devotion, under the protection of a wonderful and cozy place which is very meaningful for both of them.

When Gala and Roselena, Rodrigo’s mother, find this out, they make a plan to separate them. They tell Rodrigo that the girl has manipulated him looking forward to taking his money and that she has escaped from her town because of a money debt she still has not paid, which made her family lose their poor home; moreover, they tell him that when she arrived in the city, she worked as a “table dancer” at a bar where there is still a formal complaint against her by one of her clients. Madly upset, Rodrigo confronts Luciana, who tries to defend herself, but everything accuses her. Rodrigo, blinded by jealousy, does not listen to her and he throws her out of his home and his life forever.

Devastated, Luciana looks for consolation in Claudio, who shortly after discovers he is Luciana’s biological father. When they discover this, both of them promise to make the Torreslanda family pay for all the pain they have caused them; Claudio spent many years in jail accused of a fraud that was in fact committed by Maximino, Rodrigo’s father, which stripped him of all his goods.

Later, Luciana realizes she is pregnant; she decides not to tell Rodrigo and have her baby on her own. Rodrigo, on the other hand, marries Gala and lives in hell because she makes his life miserable.

Luciana gives birth to Ángel during a risky labor, which almost kills her. Roselena learns that Luciana had a child and plans to kidnap him; to stop her, Luciana escapes from the hospital but she faints in the way and loses the baby. A homeless musician takes the baby believing she is dead; when Luciana wakes up and does not see her baby, the pain drives her crazy and she spends her life looking for him.

Some years later, Rodrigo meets a boy who works in the street and they become friends, ignoring the kid is his own son. On the other hand, his situation with Gala gets even worse and they decide to get divorced. Rodrigo finds out that Luciana had a kid of his own, he runs into her one day and he apologizes to her, but she assures him with a cold look that she despises him now exactly with the same passion she once loved him.

Rodrigo promises Luciana to find Ángel...but only time will define the direction their destinies will take, which by now will remain united by the hope to find their son and be able to live together with him in.... “A Shelter for Love”



165 x 60'



Executive Producer: Ignacio Sada - Original Story by: Delia Fiallo - Adapted by Georgina Tinoco - Co-Adapted by: Nora Almán, Marimar Olivier, Alberto Aridjis - Year: 2012

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