A Fortunate Family


This is the story of two worlds that collide: the world of the rich, and that of the poor.

The Lopez family lives in the poor side of town and, through a stroke of luck, their lives will change drastically when they come in contact with the wealthy crowd. 

The story begins with bitter disappointment, an act of desperation, a timely rescue, and an incredible reward.

Fernanda Peñaloza is the owner of an important cosmetics business and a very wealthy woman, but all her wealth is useless when her doctor tells her that she has an incurable and deadly disease. However, the most painful blow comes when she learns that her nephew Vicente Irabién—her trusted right-hand man in the company—is happily counting the days until she dies to finally inherit her money and becoming president of the company. Disappointed, and feeling that no one actually cares for her, Fernanda decides to commit suicide.

It is then, when Pancho Lopez, a modest truck driver who hauls fruit and vegetables, intervenes. He appears on the scene just in the nick of time to save Fernanda’s life. Pancho takes her to his house in his truck (called “The Donkey”), and introduces her to his family: his children Ana, Guadalupe, Pepe and Temo; his sister Candela, and his sister-in-law Chela. The family does not ask questions, they simply share their food with her, their joy, their love and their honesty. Then, Fernanda makes a decision that will change everyone’s life. For better or for worse? That is still a bit unclear.

Suddenly, the Lopez family is living in a mansion and Pancho is the president of Fernanda’s cosmetics company, knowing nothing of the business. Fernanda charges Rebeca Treviño with the task of counseling and educating Pancho, teaching him how to dress well and speak correctly, proper table manners, general culture and business administration. Of course, this will bring poor Pancho a great deal of undesired problems, as well as the fierce enmity of the entire Irabién family: Vicente, his wife Pina, and his son Alfredo (Freddy to his friends).

Incredible situations that will make us laugh and cry make up the story of “A Fortunate Family”. Unexpected problems, leaps to fame, strange encounters, dreams and disappointments; all of this sprinkled with twists of fate, Vicente’s villainous intrigue and the arrows Cupid seems to shoot at random, which always hit the mark and cause endless trouble between the two families, and to everyone around them. A story that everyone will want to watch.



264 Episodes - Variable Duration



Original Story by: Mario Schajris and Adriana Lorenzón - Adapted by: Marcia del Río, María Antonieta "Calú" Gutiérrez and Alejandro Pohlenz - Producer: Juan Osorio - Year: 2011

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