A Blow to the Heart


“A Blow to the Heart” is a delightful story for the entire family, full of adventures, entanglements and misunderstandings; seasoned with generous helpings of tears and laughter, and lots of love. It is the story of Valentina Lopez, a lovely and lovable young woman who faces life with courage and determination. She is an excellent professional boxer, whom everyone calls “The Monkey” since she was a child, because she loved to climb trees and hang from their branches. She is so talented that she could probably win the World Championship. Her trainer, Beto, has been her boyfriend for 8 years. Valentina is very grateful to Beto and his mother, Nieves, because they gave her a home when she was abandoned by her mother. Everything seems to indicate that Valentina will have a peaceful, serene, uncomplicated life with Beto (apart from the punches, the bruises and the gallons of liniment, that is), but Mr. Destiny has something quite different in store for “The Monkey.”

The story begins with a defeat. Valentina loses a fight because she has an injured hand. She decides find a different job, just for the time it takes her hand to heal.

The rich part of the city is where we find the offices of the Sermeño Group, a prestigious real-estate company that belongs to the former champion race car driver, Mauricio Sermeño, who is now retired and dedicated to his family’s business. This is where “The Monkey” goes to look for a job. From the first moment they set eyes on each other, they are lost. Valentina and Mauricio are both struck by Cupid’s arrows, a situation that is clearly not enjoyed by Mauricio’s girlfriend, Constanza, an attractive, sophisticated woman who is madly in love with his money.

In order to drive Mauricio away from Valentina, Constanza persuades Mauricio’s cousin Jeronimo to help her, together with a corrupt employee called Oscar Cardenas.  Not only do they want to separate him from the girl, but also from his three adopted children (Aldo, Luisa and Danny), and from his fortune, of course. Nonetheless, Mauricio and Valentina’s love can beat all the odds against it, because fighting for happiness is harder that fighting for a title, and the best trainer for this kind of a fight is love.



220 x 60'



Executive Director: Angelli Nesma - Associate Producer: J. Ignacio Alarcón - Original Story by: Adrián Zuar - Adapted by: Juan Carlos Alcalá - Year: 2008

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