A Family Of Ten - Season 1


A new family sitcom that portrays a lovable family who lives in a small two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment. Naturally, since there are ten of them, their main problem, besides never having enough money, is the lack of personal space, which brings about hilarious situations, misunderstandings and failures in communication.

Placido Lopez is the forbearing head of this riotous tribe, which spans in ages from the unbearable pre-teen princess to the meddling, always hungry grandfather, and includes en aunt with a martyr vocation, a couple of young—not very bright—newlyweds, and an absentminded but kind-hearted mother.

The brilliant performance of Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo, and the return to television of the great Eduardo Manzano, guarantee the quality of this new show, where characters are incredibly funny, but realistic as well, and could remind us of a dear (or not so dear) member of our own family.

Because a large family is not the same as a great family, The 10 of Us is a sitcom that is sure to delight viewers of all generations.



24 x 30'



Executive Producer: Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo - Associate Producer: Ramón Salomón,- Orignal: Jorge Ortiz de pinedo, Luis Antonio Bautista Jacobo, Almudena Paulina Paso Martorell - Year: 2007

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