A Beloved Man


Thanks to his big concern for the people’s future, Odorico Cienfuegos wins the election to be the town’s Mayor making them a promise that helps him win most people’s support: he will build a new cemetery.

The people who back him up to win the election are his three closest followers, the Samperio sisters, three spinsters with whom he has such secret love affairs that not even they suspect from one another.

Odorico has three opponents: Doña Bruna, the leader of the opposite party; Homero, a local journalist who questions every official act he performs; and León, the newcomer doctor who manages to prevent anyone from dying in the town. Their enmity grows bigger when Valeria, Odorico’s daughter, starts sporadically dating Homero and also falls in love with León; this one rejects her because he is permanently tormented by some old guilt.

Odorico, desperate, accepts to bring the spinsters’ dying cousin to the town so that, when he dies, the cemetery can be open. Upon hearing this, Doña Bruna gets León to heal the dying man.  

Distressed for not having a dead body to bury, Odorico invites legendary thug Chuy Diablos to town, intending to promote the members of the rival families kill each other. A police officer is the one who accidentally dies. Odorico is happy as he will finally open his cemetery, but the deceased is taken to his hometown so the Mayor’s hopes are frustrated.

León solves efficiently every single health crisis in town, regardless of Odorico shutting down the health center or having someone steal the medicines used for the epidemics devastating the town. Valeria helps León carry out the generous work of assisting the patients, which makes them have a romantic approach. Homero gets jealous and feels spiteful, so he decides to leave the town. Despite Valeria’s attempts to win León’s heart, he can’t leave behind the remorse that stops him from starting a relationship with the girl.

On the other hand, Odorico has become obsessed with Melissa, his political advisor’s wife; at the same time, he is pretty busy watching over Justina, one of his spinster girlfriends, who has grown close to Chuy Diablos. 

Odorico spends his life as the town’s Mayor among laughter, humor, and lots of love, constantly drawing on a series of tricks that could help him open his cemetery as soon as possible and keep his campaign promise this way.



98 x 60’



Alfredo De Freitas Dias Gomes

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