Alberto Muñoz Cano is a young professional silkscreen printer, who runs the family silkscreen workshop, inherited from his parents and grandparents. It is a prestigious and traditional workshop. The silkscreen printing workshop is located in the house, and both, home and workshop, are part of the daily life of the Muñoz Cano family: Delia, the mother; Leonor, the sister-in-law; widow of Alberto's twin brother; Romina, Leonor's daughter, born with cognitive problems; Monica, the younger sister, sexy and attractive woman always looking for love; and Vicente, a blind man and Alberto's and the family's best friend. The sign at the entrance of the workshop says a lot about the characteristics of this beautiful family: "The doors in this place will always be open for whoever needs them". That is the spirit of the Muñoz Cano family and they reflect it day by day and in each of their actions. Thanks to an act of heroism, Alberto meets Federico (7 years old) whom he saves from a fire that was consuming his apartment. This is how he meets Sofia, Federico's mother. Sofia is a psychologist who devotes her life to her work and her son, she is somewhat reluctant to love, due to a bad experience she had when she married Diego, Fede's father. She works at the Campoamor Foundation, which provides shelter to low-income parents who bring their children here from remote places to receive medical treatment, aside from her work at a private school as a psychologist for teenagers. The fire that destroyed her apartment prompted her to move back in with her parents.

Sofia and Alberto begin a relationship, being strongly attracted to each other from the very first moment since both have very similar life values and principles. But their relationship is soon hindered by the reappearance of Federico's father, just when Alberto has solidified his ties with the child and this is merely the first setback in our love story. Titi (an expert in manipulation) also appears, suggesting Alberto is the father of the baby she is expecting, because she has always been in love with him and doesn't want to let this opportunity to become his wife pass her by. Alberto, who is a good man, but not a fool, reacts to this by taking responsibility for the baby, but not as Titi's partner. However, for Sofia it is a big problem because Titi is her friend. She constantly makes her feel very bad, which makes her doubt her relationship with Alberto, something that Omar skillfully uses to make himself essential in Sofia's life. Omar, the director of the Campoamor Foundation, is a wolf in sheep's clothing. He pretends in front of everyone to be an honest man, deeply in love with Sofia, and yet he is a sinister guy who only wants power and money. He killed his wife, making his mother-in-law believe that she left him, and he constantly milks the Foundation. He will be Alberto's true rival.


Sofia, who will never stop loving Alberto, accepts Omar's friendship, sometimes for refuge and other times because Omar, skillfully, becomes the man who helps her fulfill her dream: to publish a book on Thanatology. This, and their shared vocation to help the needy through the Foundation, keeps them almost always together, which creates many misunderstandings and confusions with Alberto. However, destiny constantly brings them together again, especially because Federico won't accept any other boyfriend for his mother than Alberto, and because Romina needs his professional help. Besides Alberto never stops loving her, Sofia is always the person who helps him out of his most serious problems, and for Sofia, Alberto is a big safety net, she is certain that he will not leave her alone when she needs him the most. That is why he will be by her side supporting her when she discovers her father's sad double life and when Omar involves her in his latest dramatic misdeed.


Leopoldo, Sofia's father, is a charming and seductive man. Elsa, his wife and mother of Sofía, is a simple woman devoted to her home, who has not yet discovered her talent for writing. The two make a very well-matched couple who welcomed the arrival of their daughter and grandson with great love. The family that Leopoldo managed to build is a model, but what no one knows is that Leopoldo has a double life: he started another family with Inés and their teenage daughter, Anita. Leopoldo has managed to avoid being discovered using all sorts of tricks and fantastic tales that the "innocent" Elsa always believes him. He has become a charming and sympathetic expert in lying and uses countless resources to avoid getting caught. At the beginning of our story everything was under control, until Sofia meets Anita when she joins the school where she works. The empathy between the two sparks from the first moment, so that it quickly becomes a friendship that transcends the school environment, and transcends to both, Elsa's and Inés' homes, causing Leopoldo great conflicts to continue covering his double life. Among the resources he uses, he involves Alberto, who constantly refuses to cover for him, but ends up giving in, which brings him numerous conflicts. Leopoldo knows Alberto as the hero who saved Fede from the fire, as his daughter's boyfriend, and as the key man to carry out an ambitious plan proposed by Orlando, his partner and friend, to take over the Muñoz Cano's workshop and house in order to build a large commercial consortium there. The coincidence between Orlando's plan and the Muñoz Cano's was a surprise for Leopoldo, which causes him to have mixed feelings because he is aware that Orlando has devised a plan to get the Muñoz Cano's out of their property with deceit and advantage. This episode, which transcends all the characters and situations of our stories, brings the Muñoz Cano family to the point of being left literally on the street. Eventually, the balance is tipped in their favor and they are able to pay the huge debt that threatens the family stability thanks to the fact that Delia, head of the Muñoz Cano family, following her taste for games of chance, bought a lottery ticket and won the jackpot.

Vicente has been blind since he was 19 years old and has been living with the Muñoz Cano family since his ex-wife left him. For Vicente, human relationships are not easy, even though he is quite self-sufficient, his bitter and sullen character and his sharp and sarcastic personality make him a "little bit of a troublemaker". Laura, the waitress in the cafeteria across the street from the workshop, manages to break his armor and gives him her heart. Vicente experiences the romance to the fullest until the incompatibility between them arises and he chooses to withdraw from it without fighting, as he himself says repeatedly, "love doesn't exist". Life will prove him wrong, because his ex-wife or Laura won't be his only loves in life, and in the end, without realizing it was always very close to him, true love will find him through Leonor. Before this happens, young and widowed Leonor, who believed that her love life had ended with the death of her husband, awakens the passion of Dani, a boy younger than her who works in the workshop. With his youthful drive, he convinces her to have a torrid romance. It is not easy for Leonor, she is distressed by the age difference. This problem inevitably separates them for good, causing Dani to find love in Cecilia, also an employee of the workshop, and Leonor in Vicente.

Monica, beautiful and sensual as she is, draws the attention of most men, so many of them volunteer to be part of the great romance she is waiting for: the illusion of getting married and being happy is the engine that drives Monica's life. Sadly, it is also her greatest weakness because she constantly falls into the arms of the wrong men as a result of her vehement pursuit of it.  She is so devoted to each of them that at some point she considers them all "the love of her life". No matter how hard the family tries to make her understand her mistake, they fail to do so. This has resulted in a strong estrangement with Alberto, who, while wishing her well, is constantly pointing out her mistakes which she refuses to accept at all. Still, her recurring failures don't make her give up in her search: her goal will always be to find the man who will make her happy, not realizing that she will never get that happiness from someone other than herself. When she manages to find herself, she will also find the happiness she is looking for.

The story takes place in the midst of Romina's awakening as a teenager, something which has driven her to concentrate all her energies on the search for love. Romina sees life in the shape of a heart. She longs to find someone to fall in love with. The thing is that, given her cognitive problem that makes her different from other kids her age, it is not an easy task for her. Her inner beauty, her candor and her innocence contrast with a world that rejects her spontaneous and free character. In many ways, Romina is like a little girl wrapped in a woman's body and suffers trying to be like everyone else, especially when it comes to schooling; she has barely completed elementary school. She feels stupid even though everyone in her family tells her that her talent lies elsewhere. Romina draws and paints with great mastery, and it is in this field where she will stand out and show all her greatness. That and Nicolás' love, who came into her life just as she expected, feeling "butterflies fluttering in her stomach". Nicolas is a young university student who was able to "read her heart" and fully understands her way of being; he sincerely falls in love with her. Together they will face the joys and sorrows of teenage love, which, in Romina's special case, will have very dramatic and painful moments.

Each of the situations that the charming and complex characters of our story bring with them, will have a happy ending, keeping, at all times and above all things, the good values that are shown by the story of the Muñoz Cano family from the very beginning.



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