Mary of the Heavenly Angels II


After an unexpected ending, coming from the hereafter to the here and now, the second season of “Mary of the Heavenly Angels” is back with new episodes in which this family concept will continue demonstrating that being Mexican is not only surreal but very fun, too.

With her peculiar style, Doña Lucha will continue protecting her children, even if that implies cooking a traditional Mexican maize stew to her biggest enemy, or confessing her children the real origins of “The Chinese”, or if she must go to jail, and even convince her female neighbors of posing for a sexy calendar.

Love between Albertano and Maria will keep growing a relationship that might get real or might separate them even more. Albertano keeps on looking forward to having a future as a true singer on the public transportation, even though he won´t be able to quit being a male nurse that specializes in waking patients from their coma, and being a big crack of the Everton-Ixtlahuaca soccer team.

Rosa Aurora will keep using her curves to make money as a demonstrator and as a cheer leader from the block’s soccer team, as well. 

The Chinese will struggle with his longing for self-improvement and the usual hardships of adolescence, hand in hand with his new psychedelic trans-alternative friend, the Macaque.

Betzabe will carry on exploring the path to illumination and she will help Don Carmelito with his new culinary & gastronomic project; they will start up a Diner with cultural aspirations: La Fonda de Cultura Economica.

The show will also have the participation of great guest actors and actresses like Benito Castro, Martha Ofelia Galindo, Maribel Fernandez, Roxana Castellanos, Maria Alicia Delgado, David Ramos, Julio Vega, Alejandro and Claudio Herrera, Oscar Ortiz de Pinedo, Luis Fernando Peña, Lenny Zundel, Ulises de la Torre, Marcus Ornelas and Dalila Polanco. Special appearances of Carmen Salinas, Maria Rojo, Delia Casanova, Isaura Espinoza, Maria Prado and Isela, will stand out.



20 x 30'



Original idea: Mara Escalante


Producer: Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo - Year: 2013

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