The five sons of Catalina Arango and Don Severiano Del Monte grew up on a prosperous avocado farm called "Santa Catalina": Juan, Pedro, Mateo, Simón and Lucas.

The Del Monte siblings were adopted, since the late Catalina Arango, who passed away a year ago, was unable to have children. One day, Don Severiano gathers his sons to inform them of his decision: his son Juan will be the head of the corporation. This results in mixed reactions, because while Mateo and Lucas support their father, Pedro and Simón express their disagreement. And it is especially Pedro, Juan's only blood brother, who strongly expresses his dissatisfaction. Severiano intensifies the rivalry between them since he knows that Pedro has been stealing from his own family. Also, Severiano's only blood daughter, Sara Del Monte Portillo, struggles to make her way in a world of men. Daughter of Deborah Portillo, an ambitious and manipulative woman, and one of Don Severiano's lovers, she has grown up estranged from the Del Monte family, believing that her father was never interested in her. She ignores that her mother irresponsibly spent all the money her father sent her for her upkeep. Meanwhile, at the hacienda, Juan decides to formalize his engagement to Julieta Millán, his girlfriend, with whom he has been in a relationship for over 10 years. After the death of Don Severiano, on the day of Don Severiano's will reading, Sara Del Monte, who, in a crisis urged by her mother, tries to meet her siblings and take her place as Don Severiano's daughter and heir, and arrives at Santa Catalina. However, her arrival reveals a painful reality; the father's constant infidelities now have consequences for his children. Sara's presence in the hacienda creates a very powerful rivalry among them, and the brothers' rejection is imminent, but Sara proves that she is a worthy daughter of Don Severiano, and conquers the heart of Juan, who cannot help but see in her all her qualities. The love between Juan and Sara arises in spite of themselves, but the ambitious Pedro, Deborah and Dante, will not make it easy for them, along with Julieta's resentment, who, confused between her feelings for Mateo and her long relationship with Juan, will fall into a spiral of jealousy. Everything gets more complicated as the will has a condition precedent clause that forces the six siblings to live together for one year at the Hacienda. Juan found genuine love in Sara, but he also found the brave, honest and supportive woman who gave meaning to his life. Both are victims of lies and trickery, but... will he make it? Or will he let them both get lost in their pain and decide to separate forever?



80 x 60'


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