This is the story of the Rueda family who will face tough tests of fate to prove that love is the only answer, that love transcends everything.


The Rueda family will prove that they must be united and affectionate, and that they can only be whole if they stick together and are supportive, because life itself rolls and gives us important lessons.


And the pillar of this family is an admirable mother, Doña Luz, a woman of values and virtues who loves her three children unconditionally: Regina, Mariano and Lalo, who will reaffirm that the most valuable thing a human being has in life is his mother, she is our rock!


Doña Luz will not rest until her family has solid and unbreakable bonds, she will love her children with all her soul, but, unfortunately, that light could be extinguished sooner than expected, because the Rueda's will have a powerful enemy: time.



102 x 60'


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