It Had To Be You


Marisa is a single mother who has always done her best to provide for her only daughter.  The great love she feels for Nicole has made her apprehensive and distrustful of everyone.

The story begins when Marisa arrives at the capital from Villahermosa, Tabasco, for a job at a real estate brokerage company.  Along with her precocious but sheltered daughter Nicole, Marisa brings her mother María Elena (“Nena”), a compulsive gambler who sometimes acts more childish than Nicole, and Jaquie, the sexy and flirtatious nanny who dreams of becoming a reality star.

Fate leads Nicole and Marisa to Miguel Carreto (“Miky”), a cheerful, enthusiastic young man.  But Miky already has two important women in his life – his mother Marbella and girlfriend of ten years Jenny, who is growing tired of waiting for Miky to propose.  Miky works as a school bus driver for the prestigious North Hills College.  Miky’s students adore him, seeing him more as an older brother or friend than chauffeur.

When Marisa has no choice but to trust Miky to take her daughter to school every day, Nicole begins to see Miky as the dad she never had.  And Marisa and Miky are drawn to each other despite their differences.

Things get complicated for Marisa when she is shocked to discover that her new boss is Marcelo Moret, Nicole's father.  Marcelo jumps at the opportunity to use his wealth and charm to win Marisa's love and the affection of Nicole, who wants nothing more than to know her father.  This "conquest" will become Marcelo’s obsession, and he will do anything to achieve it, placing him in constant conflict with Miky.

Marcelo’s determination to reunite his broken family is impure and driven by a desire to compete with Miky’s sincere intentions.  Little by little, Marcelo’s true character is revealed.  Manipulative and obsessive, he wants to control every detail of Marisa and Nicole’s lives.

Marisa must get her feelings in order, as she is torn between wanting to give Nicole the family she dreamed of with her father and following the heart that belongs to Miky.

"It Had To Be You" is a story of complicated love, examining family values and the true meaning of fatherhood in twenty-first century society.  A story of a mother’s personal improvement when she is forced to reconcile past relationships with the arrival of unexpected love, all the while staying loyal to her daughter. 



87 x 60’

Family Melodrama


Executive Producer: Mapat - Original Work: Daniela Castagno - Co-Adaptation: Antonio Abascal, Carlos Daniel González and Dante Hernández - Literary Edition: Sol Rubí Santillana and María Marcela Margarita Ugarte - Year: 2018

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