If They Let Us, tells the story of Alicia, a woman who believes she has the perfect marriage and family, but discovers that her husband has been cheating on her for years. Victim of her partner's deceptions and disappointments, she makes the painful decision to divorce, rebuild her life and give love a new chance.

If They Let Us, portrays Alicia Montiel de Carranza's life, a housewife, who has believed for the past 30 years that she was in a "happy" marriage with renowned Sergio Carranza, a well-known Mexican journalist and television star with whom she has three children: Yuri, Gonzalo and Miranda. She sacrifices her professional goals to devote herself fully to her home and the care of her three children. Her world will completely collapse when she discovers her husband's infidelity with Julieta, a younger woman. Alicia will feel her life is falling apart; for Alicia the betrayal is gigantic. After many hours of crying and restlessness, she will be faced with the dilemma of either forgiving him or, for the first time in her life, standing her ground and keeping her dignity by filing for divorce. But this unexpected blow will give her the strength she needs to be reborn as a woman when Martin comes her way, a younger man who works as a journalist and who will give her back the joy she needs to rebuild her life, encouraging her to fulfill the dreams she gave up and bringing her back to the possibility of loving again.



83 x 60'


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