I Love Irresistible Juan


“I Love Irresistible Juan” is the story of Juan Dominguez, an incorrigible skirt chaser who arrives in Mexico City after fleeing his home town because of his entanglements with women. It is the humorous tale of a highly original and appealing anti-hero. He isn’t rich, he isn’t handsome, he isn’t the best dresser, and yet the ladies love him for his kind heart and colorful ways.

On the very day of his arrival, Juan has a close encounter with the woman who will become the love of his life, and also finds himself transformed unexpectedly into the mainstay of the Cachon family, an all-female household. They are Nidia and her daughters Marely and Yadira, who have recently suffered the loss of their main supporter, having abandoned them to go to Heaven. Juan feels compelled to help them and becomes the new provider for the family, not only moneywise but of happiness as well.

When Juan secures a job as one of the chauffeurs of the Farell company, he again comes face to face with the love of his life, Paula Davila, a lovely woman who is way out of his league; in fact, she is his boss. Besides, she is very much in love with Cesar Luis Farell, the CEO and major stockholder of the company. If only to be closer to his beloved, Juan becomes her friend and confidant, and though he knows her heart belongs to another, he cannot help falling even more deeply in love with her.

In this new setting, Juan begins to create his own universe, riddled with lies but overflowing with good intentions. He soon becomes a key player in the lives of all who surround him, infecting them with his warm, radiant smile, and raising eyebrows over his peculiar way of dressing and speaking, and his unique way of tossing his full head of hair. Somehow, he always manages to have the last word in every discussion. He is never lacking in words of comfort or advice, even though, more often then not, his off-the-cuff solutions tend to cause more problems than they solve. But at the end of the day, he gains everyone’s respect.

Juan’s concept of women is very high indeed. He considers them the most beautiful beings on the face of the Earth, Nature’s masterpiece; he believes women should be respected and worshipped as goddesses. Juan falls madly, hopelessly in love with women because, deep down, he is in love with love itself.

Juan fancies himself as the most handsome man and the best dancer in town. He is convinced he knows everything and, since he always plays by his own rules, he always wins. In short, Juan is a lovable character; he’s the third-world Hercules for whom nothing is impossible. He likes to think of himself as hard, ruthless, insensitive; but the truth is that he is generous, supportive and trustworthy. He is a loving soul, a true friend, and a charmingly naïve Don Juan.



260 x 60'


Executive Producer: Martha Patricia L. de Zatarain - Co-Productor: Marco Vinicio - Original Story by Salamanca García - Adaptated by Gabriela Ortigoza - Year: 2007

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