A Woman of Steel


Life seems to smile for Valentina Villalba. She has everything going for her: beauty, a significant fortune that she inherited from her parents, a successful career and a man she adores. She lives in a luxurious mansion in Mexico City, along with her dear aunt Isabel, her nanny Benita and her envious cousin Ivana. Valentina thinks that her happiness will be complete when she marries Alonso, her fiancé, in a few days. However, her dreams are about to be shattered by reality, because Alonso is only after her money, and he is Ivana’s lover. These two have devised a plan to get their hands on Valentina’s fortune, but things get out of hand and Alonso decides to disappear. He makes Ivana believe that they will leave the country together, but he never shows up at the airport, and he leaves Valentina stranded at the altar. That day, Valentina becomes another woman. The once sweet, fair-minded and sensible girl is transformed overnight into a cold, arrogant and intolerant woman filled with regret and bitterness.

Valentina retires to her hacienda, “Los Cascabeles” (The Rattlesnakes), one of her many properties, where she eventually comes to meet Jose Miguel who recently arrived to work in his father’s hacienda which is adjacent to Valentina’s property. In a short period of time, the people in the surrounding countryside grow to fear and hate Valentina because her cruel and sadistic foreman, Rosendo, who commits atrocities allegedly under her orders.

Jose Miguel and Valentina have many disputes mainly around the boundary lines of their adjoining properties. She is aggressive and defiant, but Jose Miguel can’t help falling in love with her striking beauty and strong character, and he decides to win her over.   

Despite all the obstacles caused by Ivana and Rosendo’s malice, Valentina gradually allows her feelings for Jose Miguel to evolve until they break down the fortress she built around her heart.  Once she overcomes her pride, together they will surrender to true love.  




142 x 60'


Executive Producer: Nicandro Díaz González - Associate Producer: J. Antonio Arvizu Velázquez. - Production Excutive: Ignacio Sada Madero. - Year: 2010

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