I am the Queen


YamelàMontoya lives immersed in a world of poverty, danger and exclusion. She is a shy, studying adolescent with a great talent for composing music. Her parents and grandmother dream of Yameli breaking through life and she has everything she needs to succeed in music. However, she makes a big mistake: falling in love with Charly, an aspiring singer who has more than enough charisma but lacks talent. Together with him and her friend Juanjo, who also lives in the neighborhood, they create Soul&Bass, a band that promises to be the new sensation of urban music thanks to Yamelí's songs. However, the violence that prevails in the neighborhood strikes her harshly; her parents are murdered for refusing to pay for the mafia´s extortion and the person responsible for their deaths has a full name: Ramón Aguilar, alias "El Monchis"; a smuggler who controls the area and is also Charly's uncle. Although Yamelàignores who the real killer of her parents is, she discovers that Charly is with the wrong company, which causes her a big disappointment. But he, faced with the danger that Yameli might betray him, takes advantage of the love the girl has towards him and manages to win her forgiveness by making her fall in love and even surrendering to him.

The Soul&Bass are hired by a Miami-based producer to record their first demo; the three of them leave for the United States. Charly sees in this trip the opportunity to get rid of Yamelàforever and hides drugs in her suitcase. As soon as she steps on American soil, Yamelàis arrested and sentenced to 22 years in prison in Miami. But her ordeal seems to have no end; she learns that she is pregnant with her betrayer. After giving birth, her grandmother takes care of the baby and promises to raise the child until she is free. But she can't keep her promise as Monchis finds out about the birth of Yameli and Charly's son, taking over the child and killing the grandmother; although they make Yamelàbelieve that they both died in a fire.

Seventeen years later, Yamelàhas followed every step of the career of the now famous, Charly Flow, who achieved international fame thanks to the lyrics she wrote. But life has a new chance in store for her. After an attempt on her life in prison, the DEA proposes that she be freed under a new identity to work infiltrated in Charly Flow's studios and, through him, get to the powerful capo, Monchis, whom Americans have been chasing for some time. Yamelàsees here the opportunity to consummate her revenge and let the world know who Charly Flow really is. So, she accepts the deal and becomes Lari Andrade, a renowned music producer who, thanks to her cunning and charms, achieves a position as headhunter in Charly Flow's new studios. But once again in Mexico she faces her past with her great friend Juanjo, who never stopped sending her letters and declaring his love to her and now is marrying Wendy, her old teenage friend; and Erik, a boy with great musical talent, who was raised by Monchis, and who Yamelàdoes not imagine is her own son, the product of that one-night love with Charly.

Yamelàthus begins her vengeful plan against all those who ruined her life, but standing face to face with her first great love will remove her feelings and she will discover that there is no harm done with no consequences, for destroying Charly also means hurting those around her, even her own son.



82 x 60’


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