Hoping Heart


It is the story of Ángela, who supported by her daughter Lisa, struggle to move on and overcome all the adversities that life presents them. After the death of her husband Franco, Ángela suffers the abuse and batter of her mother-in-law, Lucrecia, who withdraws her support and kicks her out of the house. However, Ángela remains enthusiastic, and she will face the difficulties with dignity and fortitude.

When she married Franco, Ángela put aside her humble origins and her career as a ballet dancer in order to mingle with high-class people. In spite of this, she never lost her naturalness nor stopped fighting to keep her family together.

When Franco dies and she becomes a widow, Ángela is forced to move into a popular neighborhood, where she will live together with low-class people, some of them hopeless, to whom she will transmit the joy of life and the love for the dance. Here, she will meet Mariano, a gorgeous and handsome ecologist, who will end up captivating her. Mariano has a son, Alexis, who is the pop-star of the moment and with whom Lisa and Krista will fall in love.

We will also meet Silvestre, Lucrecia’s butler, who lives in the “La Esperanza” development with her wife, a crazy, gossipy and sensual woman named Gladis, with whom he has 3 children: Brandon, Abril and Britni. The 3 siblings love each other but are and look completely different, which will lead us to discover some obscure secrets of the past that relate them to the Dupris family.

All of these characters and their own stories will provide us of a particular magic, where the main ingredients are love, the struggle between good and evil, the fight for keeping up with principles and finding the right way to defeat the villains, always with the perfect hint of tears, laughter and music.



145 x 60'



Story by: Susan Crowley and Martha Olaiz - Producer: Luis de Llano - Year: 2011

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