Fernanda, a simple, noble young woman who loves the countryside and animals; she marries her beloved fiancé, Santiago, to start a new life in Ichámal, the beautiful town where he lives. Her happiness will only last for the wedding night when Santiago is brutally murdered by a group of masked men. Moments later, their leader rapes Fernanda, leaving her seriously injured and asks one of his hit men to kill her. She miraculously survives and Luis and Juana, Santiago's best friends, rescue her. Fernanda takes refuge in her father's ranch, Calixto, who dies slowly at the sight of his daughter's suffering.


Three years later Fernanda has become a tough and heartless woman whose only goal is to punish the man who killed her husband and raped her. The only clue she has is an original antique bull charm with a worn bull's antler that hung around the neck of the murderer and rapist.  


Fernanda moves to Ichámal and discovers that the former land owned by her husband is now part of a meat packing company.


Fernanda reencounters Luis and Juana, who become great friends and confidants. Following that, Fernanda and Juana become partners and found the "Nuevo Amanecer" Ranch. Fernanda meets Rafael at one of Ichámal's picturesque fairs. Rafael is an attractive young man, casual and conceited, but at the same time noble and hard working.


Rafael and Fernanda's first meetings are explosive and full of quarrels, but little by little, they both fall in love. Rafael hides the fact that he is about to marry Isabela; but admitting that his heart already belongs to Fernanda, he breaks his engagement and takes a trip with Fernanda, who opens her heart to love for the first time since the rape.


Soon, Fernanda discovers that Rafael's father, Octavio, owns the ghoulish bull's head. But Octavio is the most powerful man in the region and also has influential friends who covered up the expropriation of Santiago's land and many other crimes.


Rafael, completely in love with Fernanda, insists on marrying her, but Fernanda keeps putting him off because she doesn't want to hurt him. Octavio, upon discovering who Rafael's girlfriend is, tries to separate them, but all he gets is to have strong confrontations with his son, whom he adores. 


César, a tormented ex-convict, who was also Octavio's victim, suggests Fernanda to use Rafael's love to get into Octavio's house and find evidence to prove his crime in order to finally bring justice to Santiago.



Meanwhile, Octavio is becoming obsessed with the idea of having Fernanda again, but this time in a good way. She finds it hard to control her repulsion when he is close, but soon discovers that it is better not to be afraid of him and to use her sensuality to achieve what she wants from Octavio. 


Octavio takes every opportunity to get close to Fernanda, who, with Cesar's help, gets the evidence to unmask Octavio.


Fernanda is faced with the dilemma of either doing justice by unmasking the father of the man she loves or forgetting the past and being happy with Rafael...



90 x 60'


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