Free For Love


Aurora Valencia is a young woman who confronts challenges and adversities with strength and determination. Her biggest quality is that nothing can beat her. She has been in a relationship with Ramon Sotomayor for a long time, and lives with her daughter, Blanquita, and her dad, Virgilio. She makes a living by driving a taxi and working as a trainer at a gym.

Ramón, Aurora´s boyfriend, lives with his mother, Amelia. He is a devil, a charming devil that has his girlfriend going through constant emotional ups and downs; however, he will always find the way to keep her in love with him until Enrique appears in the scene, Don Zacarías del Pino´s son, owner of the taxi stand, Los Cocodrilos. After finishing his MD in economy in London, Enrique comes back to Mexico City and meets Aurora when he takes a taxi, since she drives this cocodrilo. Afterwards, both will be surprised to discover that he is the owner´s son and she is an employee at the taxi stand.

Little by Little, an attraction between them will grow, but love is not an easy thing, there will be some obstacles. On the one hand there is Ramón, Aurora´s boyfriend, and on the other, Romina, a capricious and headstrong high society girl who met Enrique in London; back there they started dating and she is ready to do anything in order to marry him.

Romina will hate the taxi driver and she will share this hatred with Amelia, an eccentric lady who used to be rich until recently, and now she must count every penny to survive; however, she will never accept such a terrible situation in front of the society. She has a lot of problems with Ramón because of his relationship with the 'cab driver', as she calls her.

Don Zacarías, Los Cocodrilos´ owner, is a grumpy, bossy and yet charming man. He is strongly criticized by his son for setting the taxi stand at his own home. From the balcony, he sends off each of his cocodrilos, and he will be very strict with his drivers, each of them with a very peculiar personality.

Besides Aurora, the taxi drivers are: Benjamin, Adela, Olivia, Poncho and Gerardo “El Gallo”; mates and friends who know what it is like to live, day after day, behind the wheel for more than eight hours, in a city with more than four and a half million cars.

Napoleón Vergara is a white collar criminal who is keen on illegal business and collecting valuable art pieces. He will manage to make anyone´s life miserable.

We will laugh and, at the same time, suffer with Aurora Valencia and other characters around her; everything for the sake of finding the most important and valuable thing human beings can aspire to: love´s extraordinary magic.



107 x 60'

Family Melodrama


Emilio Larrosa


Jhonny Ortiz, Hector Rodríguez, Cesar Augusto Betancur


Free Adaptation: Emilio Larrosa - Year: 2013

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