Sweets And Dreams


After the death of her mother when Sofia was three, she was taken in by her grandfather, Don Gonzalo, who is the security chief in a large department store called “El Gran Almacén” (The Grand Department Store). Possessed of an unusually vivid imagination, little Sofia has created a secret world all her own. As their apartment lies within the store itself, Sofia can slip in at night after the place has closed and wander from one department to another, letting her fantasy take flight in wondrous adventures with her friends Lupita and Carlo, two store mannequins. During the day, however, Sofia goes to school like any other girl her age, and with her friends she has put together a music band.

“El Gran Almacen” belongs to the Monraz family. One day, Augusto Monraz, the general director, leaves on an extended business trip and his brother Rafael is left in charge. Rafael soon realizes that the decor and operating system of the store are outdated, and, without advising his brother, he bends to the task of modernizing it. His first project is to create a novelty concept that will attract children and their parents, and he hires Sofia’s music band. Sofia’s life takes a new turn. She is now able to share her fantasy world with her friends, but she will also have to deal with the conniving, child-hating manager Modesto Fregonar, and lock horns with Reynaldo’s “rival” music band. A new friend will appear in her life, a boy called “Juan Lopez,” whom she believes to be a penniless orphan, but who is actually Mauricio, the son of Augusto Monraz. Reluctant to reveal his true identity for fear of losing Sofia’s friendship, Mauricio gradually gets caught up in a tangle of lies of his own making.

Sofia is utterly delighted that her aunt Fatima and her baby are coming to live with her and her grandfather. Fatima soon starts to work as the music coordinator for the two music bands, and Rafael falls in love with her. The problem is that Rafael is engaged to Rocio, a shallow, money-grubbing society princess who takes every opportunity to smear Fatima’s image and reputation.

Things come to a boil when Fregonar realizes that sales are rising substantially and, in a fit of rage and jealousy, he declares an all-out war on the children. The clash between the two music bands reaches epic proportions and turns the store into a veritable battleground. Reynaldo uncovers Mauricio’s deceit and blackmails him into helping him get Sofia’s band fired. To make matters worse, Augusto returns from his trip and is not at all pleased with the changes that Rafael has made to the store.

“Sweets and Dreams” is a fast-paced, wholly amusing story brimming with humor, romance, music and excitement, spiced with the outrageous mischief of an adorable flock of children and... Why not?... a dash of magic too.



135 x 60'



Producer: Carlos Moreno Laguillo - Associate Producer: Hilda Santaella - Stage Director: Lili Garza - Stage Director on location: Karina Duprez - Year: 2005

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