Catalina Creel, matriarch of the Larios family, is celebrating the Gothier jeweler’s anniversary with her son, Alejandro, and her husband, Carlos. Contrasting with the sophistication and glamour of the event, Leonora, a spontaneous photojournalist, bursts in to cover the event and a sudden connection arises between her and Alejandro. For now, Catalina has managed to take absolute control in the family emporium, managing to exile her stepson, José Carlos (son of Carlos' first marriage to Gloria, who died years ago), besides the fact that her husband, Carlos, professes an unconditional love for her. After the lavish celebration, the Larios Creel couple are about to embark on a second honeymoon trip aboard their magnificent yacht, but all of this romantic atmosphere is shattered by the abrupt call Carlos receives from a mysterious man, jeopardizing the gruesome plan Catalina managed to build over the years.

Carlos refuses to doubt his beloved wife, but the man sends him revealing evidence. Anguished and furious, he confronts Catalina, who emphatically denies the accusation. However, when faced with the indisputable evidence, she ends up cynically accepting her responsibility. This revelation dramatically affects the heart condition Carlos has been undergoing for years and caught in a strong crisis, he begs his wife to give him the pills to control the attack. Nevertheless, Catalina sees this as an opportunity to get rid of him finally. The woman's sinister gaze contemplates how Carlos' body disappears into the deep and dark immensity of the sea, with an indifferent expression.

After Carlos' burial, the Family Attorney reads the will, which stipulates a clause clearly and categorically addressed to both children: the universal heir of his entire emporium will be the first to give him a descendant of his own blood to ensure the perpetuity of the Larios lineage. Although José Carlos' addictions suggest that Alejandro is ahead of him, the reality is that the latter keeps a dark secret that seriously compromises his ability to appropriate the large inheritance: he has kept a double life for years. Catalina, who loves her son above all things, has never confronted him, however, before this new reality and with the inheritance in danger, she requires him to start an affair with Leonora, whom he will have to use in order to conceive the child they so desperately need.

If it were not enough to deal with the complications of her son's double life, Catalina faces the harassment of Luis, an honest and passionate reporter who tries to expose the illicit businesses inside Gothier, as well as the mysterious death of Carlos Larios. She must also face her stepson, José Carlos, who, aware of the sinister plan she and Alejandro have devised, tries to prevent Leonora from being used to claim the inheritance. Thus, in Lady Macbeth's style, Catalina begins to cover with blood her obsessive path towards power and the dominion of Gothier jewelry stores, committing more ruthless murders every time, to remove anyone who tries to get in her way. 

However, José Carlos, who, after overcoming his addictions with Leonora's support causing him to turn this close friendship into a secret love towards his brother's wife, has become a little more involved in the affairs of Gothier Jewelries, and discovers financial transactions that lead to a precious stone trafficking network from Sierra Leone, Africa. Aware of this situation, Catalina looks for a way to remove him again from the company and the family home. 

Catalina celebrates Alejandro's union with Leonora and boasts about her triumph over José Carlos. However, nothing could be further from reality as her stepson decides to travel to Sierra Leone and confirms that this dirty business has been made possible at the cost of the exploitation of men, women and even children, sheltered by an important group of high-level officials inside and outside the country.  Things begin to complicate strongly for Catalina, transforming herself into a more vicious person in order to elude her enemies' attacks.

As months go by, Leonora gives birth to little Edgar, the Larios heir.  After the childbirth, Alejandro loses all interest in Leonora and his son and is determined to recover the great love of his life, threatening Catalina's plans and the inheritance he already feels close at hand.

Once the baby is born, Leonora becomes a nuisance since she has been able to reveal who Catalina really is. Moreover, she has discovered the secret relationship that Alejandro had with Miguel for years, realizing that she was only used as a means to have the son they needed to take over the family fortune. Things become too complicated for Catalina, so she decides to work out a twisted plan to get Leonora imprisoned and turn Alejandro against her, who visits her in prison and swears to her that he will make her pay with the most painful thing, she will never see her son again. Leonora goes crazy when she sees little Edgar taken away from her. She begs José Carlos to help her leave jail and recover her baby. Jose Carlos, with the help of Luis, will race against time to free Leonora and prove that the same merciless person committed all these crimes.



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