Carinha de Anjo


Dulce Maria has the sweetness, ingenuity and natural joy of a five-year-old girl. She is the only daughter of Gustavo Lários, a successful man in the Brazilian and Mexican coffee business, his mother Tereza Rezen de Lários, died tragically when Dulce Maria was only three years old. Completely devastated by the accident, Gustavo decides to enroll his daughter in a Catholic boarding school in Europe.

After two years, Dulce Maria reunited with her father, recovered from the death of Teresa, returns determined to redo his life with his daughter and Nicole, his new girlfriend, a woman of great beauty, but without vocation to motherhood. What the entrepreneur does not know is that Nicole is only interested in the money and position she may have at his side. Dulce Maria rejects the idea that her father remarries and it is in the arms of the novice Cecilia that Dulce Maria takes refuge. For her, Cecilia has the face and smell of a mother. Dulce Maria begins to dream that her father falls in love with Cecilia and with his ingenuity approaches them little by little. The conflicts and the questions are constant and with time, Cecilia is divided between religion and the feelings she has for Gustavo.



290 x 60'


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