The adventure begins with a robbery, and the chance encounter of two strangers in disguise who have broken in to steal valuable jewels and art pieces, but who are almost discovered and as they make their escape, their first encounter will be an unusual one.

Valentina Izaguirre and Sebastian Jaramillo are known as the Chameleons because they have to alter their appearance in order to steal. They have been forced into this life of crime by a mysterious individual known as The Master. If they refuse, he has threatened to kill Valentina’s boyfriend, Pedro, who is doing time for theft, and Sebastian’s father, Don Armando, who was wrongfully sent to prison.

The two young burglars despise each other, but in order to escape the law, they pretend to be siblings and look for refuge in a prestigious school, which turns out to be property of the chief of police, Augusto Ponce de Leon, and the principal is his ex wife, Francisca Campos.

Sebastian gets hired as the new art teacher, and Valentina becomes a very unusual Dean of students. Without really trying, the false siblings earn the trust of their students, such as Solange, the daughter of the owners, her boyfriend Patricio, and Ulises, an impoverished boy who received a scholarship from Augusto for being the brother of a policeman killed in the line of duty. Sebastian and Valentina know however that their presence in the school is only temporary and that they will not always be there for the kids. Their fame among police circles grows with every robbery they must carry out for The Master, and so does the danger of getting caught. During their hiding in the school, Valentina and Sebastian learn that Augusto is a corrupt policeman, and notice strange things happening in the school.

Their lives get more complicated when Pedro and Don Armando escape from jail and Pedro turns up as the new sports teacher in the school. Valentina and Sebastian discover that their animosity has turned into love and don’t know what to do. At the same time, Pedro does not hesitate to seduce Francisca, the principal. When the time comes to make their escape with Pedro and Don Armando, the Chameleons realize that they cannot abandon their students. But what will happen if they are discovered as the famous burglars...? Find the answer in Chameleons... where love changes everything.



135 x 60'



Executive Producer: Rosy Ocampo - Associate Producer: Eduardo Meza - Assistant Producer: María Alba Espinosa - Original Idea By: Gustavo Barrios, Diana Segovia - Year: 2009

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