Blind Date

258 days to find love


Lucía lives on the edge. She is over 30 years old, has no boyfriend and is constantly fighting against the scales.

However, her biggest problem is not her weight, but Maura, her mother, who struggles to prove her that she won’t get anywhere as she is and the way she is living her life.

Marina, Lucía's younger sister, marries and Maura's only concern is that Lucía will be arriving at the wedding alone, dressed in black and fatter than ever.

Lucía accepts to make a bet with her mom. She will win the bet only if she arrives to her sister’s wedding accompanied by a “real” couple, with a few pounds less and a colorful dress, so Maura´s pressure, comments and constant meddling in Lucía’s life will end, plus she will get to keep her mother’s house for her own. If Lucía loses the bet, she will pay herself a liposuction to start giving Maura the satisfaction of seeing her changing.

This way, a countdown begins, in which every date will be a chance Lucía can’t miss. She has 258 days left to find love.

Lucía, a career journalist who doesn’t practice, works for the magazine “Entre Nos” (Between you and me) where she is in charge of the digital horoscope section. Don Eduardo, the publishing house’s owner, and his son Lalo, put pressure on Lucía to start a vblog where she can recount her path to win the bet, considering there are an important number of people interested in Lucía’s situation. By making their voice count, in addition to Marcelo’s skills as a content director, “Entre Nos” becomes everything Lalo ever wanted and what Don Eduardo would have never dared to dream.

Lucía and Marcelo meet at Diego Musso’s conference unaware that this unfortunate first encounter would turn them into workmates and best friends. Lucía makes friends with Naty, Marcelos’ little daughter with whom she immediately hits it off.

Bere encourages Lucía to create a profile in an app to find prospects for her dates. From a magician to a square accountant, a fashion designer, and a chubby guy who was the ideal candidate until he runs away from her during a risky situation. This way, Lucía’s dates take place until Jorge Frutos comes back to her life; her former boyfriend for whom she is at risk of losing the bet.

Another issue that turns Lucía’s life into a chaos is the return of her biological father, Angelito. Angelito’s days are numbered; he suffers from a terminal disease and in his race against time to build a firm relationship with his daughter, he finds the true friendship of Salazar, Maura’s current husband, and the love of Alondra, Maura’s flirty and crazy best friend.

Marina’s dream of an “ideal family” that Julián always described to her and her parents in-law, who are worried about taking care of their reputation and businesses, has turned into a chaos. On the one hand, she witnesses how her sister is struggling to win the bet to her mother, and on the other hand, she can see clearly her mother’s obsession to control and determine her life; a life she didn’t choose for herself.

Another character that returns to support Lucía her own way is Esther, Salazar’s mother, who has always been the grandmother Lucía never had. Despite she is also very much loved by Esther, Marina can’t help feeling jealous of her preference. Later on, Esther will tell her how much she really loves and cares for her, but explains her that since she always had Maura on her side she stood by Lucía’s side, as she never had anyone’s support.

Lucía finally learns that sometimes you need to lose a bet in order to win.



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